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labbaika ya aqsa programme

Labbaika Ya Aqsa Program is an initiative undertaken by MyAQSA Foundation to expose the public to information and facts about the al-Aqsa Mosque. For Muslims, there are three holy mosques, namely al-Haram Mosque, Nabawi Mosque and Al-Aqsa Mosque. However, compared to the other two mosques, the al-Aqsa Mosque is somewhat isolated as Israeli Zionists currently occupy it. Therefore, there are various challenges to the community to visit there, including being prevented by Israeli Zionists as we Muslims are entitled to visit our holy mosque.

Due to this constraint, some people do not feel familiar al-Aqsa Mosque, and some have misconceptions about al-Aqsa Mosque. To carry out this noble task, we have introduced this program to provide information and disclosure of the facts of the al-Aqsa Mosque to the public. This program is suitable for all ages. According to the participants' background for maximum effectiveness, the MyAQSA will also change the approach and program sessions according to the participants' knowledge.

The program has three sessions beginning with a Get to Know al-Aqsa session with exciting photos and videos, followed by a virtual visit to al-Aqsa Mosque and ending with a tour around the MyAQSA premises. Overall, MyAQSA emphasizes the interactive aspects of ensuring participants enjoy the full benefits of participating in the program, including using the latest technologies and approaches.

We hope that the community will get to know al-Aqsa Mosque as much as any other sacred mosque through this program. May we Muslims respond to Al-Aqsa's call to free them from the clutches of the invaders. Labbaika Ya Aqsa!

sesi 1.JPG

Participants being introduce about al-Aqsa Mosque and institution surroundings.

sesi 2.jpg

We using VR technology for our participants experience virtual tour to al-Aqsa 

sesi 3.jpg

The are plenty of al-Aqsa mock up and exciting interactive gallery in MyAQSA premise.

For those interested in joining the Labbaika Ya Aqsa program, you are most welcome to contact our secretariat for available slots.

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