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virtual tour

Through this Al-Aqsa Tour, we will take you to explore the Kubah as-Sakhrah Mosque (also known as the Dome of the Rock), which is one of the mosques located in the Aqsa Mosque Complex. This mosque is often used as a symbol for the Aqsa Mosque because of its beautiful and striking design.


This mosque was built during Caliph Abdul Malek bin Marwan and is located on the highest square in the Aqsa Mosque. The mosque is octagonal shaped and has four doors with a width of 20.59 meters and a height of up to 9.5 meters.


We only provide three locations inside, including outside this mosque, through this Al-Aqsa Tour. For those who want to pursue a comprehensive virtual tour using the Virtual Reality (VR) facility on the premises of MyAQSA, you can contact us for more information.

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