legal project

The fall of the Ottoman caliphate led to the Palestinian occupation of British in 1917. Since then, a well-planned attempt by the Zionist movement and western powers has seen a massive Jewish migration to Palestine. There was much bloodshed and war between Jews and Muslims until the end of Israel's illegitimate state in 1948 in the center of the Palestinian state.

The greed and cruelty of Israel's Zionist did not end there. The pressure and oppression of Muslims in Palestine continues to worsen. War crimes against the Palestinians occur almost daily. Their intentions and plans are clear, that is, they want to take full control of the Palestinian state and completely conquer the Aqsa Mosque.

Although many international laws have been drafted and dozens of resolutions and international conventions have been approved, Israel has not been brought to justice and taken to any international court for criminal acts committed against Palestine.

Therefore, a systematic and planned step must be put in place to apply all the provisions of the existing international law to bring Israel to court on the crimes they committed. Nowadays, our legal team is working hard using our own resources after filing a lawsuit in International Criminal Court, The Hague by the MyAQSA Foundation in October 2018 to accuse Israel of war crimes against Palestine and violation of Resolution 2334.